Dental Units and Accessories

  1. Assistant Section
  2. Reflector
  3. Headrest
  4. Negateskop
  5. Control Board
  6. Low speed hand tool
  7. High speed turbine hand tool
  8. 3 way air water spreyi
  9. Patient's chair (Fotoy)
  10. Foot Pedal

Standard Features;

220-230 V (± 10%) 50-60 Hz. Input Power

Z Design Design Armchair, Balanced Stability (Without Montage)

Possibility to Monte in Zemine if desired

24V 8000N Worm Seats and Backrest Motors

2500 N Support Shock Absorber

265 Kg. Lifting Capacity

3/3 Adjustable Program Option

Automatic Emergency Stop System, Ability to Move Up from Hazard Zone

Movable Multifunctional Removable Right and Left Armrests on Request

In the physical structure of the seat; Transformer, Main Card, Insurances, Air, Water Entrances

Durable and Hygienic ABS Plastic Covered Outer Body

Seat Main Frame Produced from durable material, Resistant to Corrosion and Corrosion.

Seamless, Antibacterial, Hygienic Solid (Mold Printing) Sponge Chair Seat

Treatment Tableti;

Pneumatic System Hanger or Whip Arm Options

Multifunctional Control Panel

3/3 Settable Positioning and Memorizing Feature by Adjustable Program

A-Program / Program-B / C-program

Return to Position before Spitting Position and Spitting Position

One-Click Startup

One-Touch Synchronized Trandelenburg Position

One-Touch Intermediate Positioning

5 (Five) Module Capacity

Borden or Midwest Connection Option

3 (Three) Functional Air-Water Syringe [1 Module]

High Speed Handpiece Output [2 Modules]

Low Speed Handpiece Output [1 Module]

Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler Output [1 Module]

Sterileable Silicone PED for Whippered Arm System

Liquid Display Negatoscope

For Tablet Modules; Air / Water Adjustment Button

Easy to Service Tablet Cover

Pneumatic Safety Swicer Stopping Seat Movements When Anyone Works

Pneumatic fixing system


90º Moving Couch Bar

Easy to Install and Dismount; 90º Moving Ceramic or Glass Nursery Option

Easy to Install and Dismount; Time-Cooked Nursery Washer

Easy-to-remove, photo-cellar and time-adjustable glass filler to provide hot water

Clean Water System

Custom Design LCD Monitor Arm (Right-Left, Up-Up and Front-Back Position Adjustable)

Assistant Tablet;

Multifunctional Assistant Control Panel

Right-to-Left Moveable Joint

4 (Four) Module Capacity

3 (Three) Functional Air-Water Syringe (Hot Water Supply if necessary)

Air Absorbent / Water Absorbent

LED Curing Light Output


Cold and Shadowless Light Specification

Graduated High Performance Photo-LED Reflector

35,000 LUX Luminous Intensity

5.500 Kelvin Natural Daylight Temperature with Temperature

15 Watt Power Consumption

50,000 Hours Lifetime

Reflector movements; Right-Left, Down-Up, Front-Back, and Cross Positions.

Removable Handle Without Handle Screws Made Of Special Plastic

135 ˚C Autoclave Sterileable Handle Holder

Non-Screwed Removable Heat Sink Protector Made of Special Plastic

Adjustable Photocell Focus Adjustment via Reflector

Control over the Therapy Tablet

With a Foot Pedal;

Pneumatic System

Resistant to external effects.

Controlled Seat Movements, Cradle Washer and Glass Filler.

For instruments; Speed Setting, Waterless-Waterless Operation System

Chip Blower System

Reflector On-Off System

Physician Taburesi;

Seamless, Anti-bacterial, Hygienic Solid (Mold Printing) Foam Molding

The same color and model as the chair seat

Hydraulic System

Single Arm Height Adjustment

Versatile Movement Physician Surgical Up-Back and Backward Forward-Backward Position


Real Leather Armchair Flat

High Speed Handpiece

Fiber Optic System LED High Speed Handpiece

Generator LED High Speed Handpiece

Low Speed Handpiece

Fiber Optic System LED Low Speed Handpiece

Generator LED Low Speed Handpiece

Electric Micromotor

Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler

LED Curing Light

LCD Monitor

Intra Oral Camera

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Autoclave Systems

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Aerator Heads and Lubrication Devices

Aerator Heads Woodpecker

Single Spray Aerator 


4 Sprey Aeratör 


Titanium Body

Ultra-Push Button

Maximum Air Consumption <50 I / min

Rotation Speed: 320,000 ~ 400,000 rpm

Standard Head, Output Power: 22 Watts (± 5%)

Head Diameter: ø11,50 mm,

Head Height: 13,50 mm

Clean Head (Hygienic Head) System

55.6 dBA (± 5%) Sound Level

Indoor Ceramic Ball Bearing

Single Point Optimum Cooling

Anti-Head System

Weight 40 Gr

Water Pressure Value: 0.8 - 2.5 bar - Water outlet: 80ml min./min.

Water Pulverize Pressure Value: 1.0 - 4.0 bar

Autoclavable feature at 135 ° C

Autoclavable feature on DAC device

Thermo disinfector suitability

Ultra Balanced Cartridge System

Borden Connection Option (B2), Mid-west Connection Option (M4)

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Endodontic Motors


Endodontic Motor and Apex Locator

Apex Locator; in wet, dry and bloody conditions, it measures the length of the canal in a precise and accurate manner.

Program, Rotation Speed, Torque Value, Apex Value, Transfer Rate, Auto Reverse Program, Micromotor Rotation Direction, Battery Power, Alarm Sound and can be followed from LCD screen.

116 grams very light hand piece Red LED light to indicate charging

The alarm tone can be set by the user. (Silent, Medium and Loud Sound Option)

LCD screen feature

Thanks to Micro Electronic Control technology, the headless speed and high performance micromotor

Miniature Push Button Head, Adjustable from 6 Different Angles.

Adjustable rotation speed: 140rpm ~ 550rpm / 10 Different Speed Option can be set.


Adjustable torque range: 0.3 ~ 3.0N · cm / 18 Different Torque Options are available.

(0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.4 / 2.6 / 2.8 / 3.0)

5 memory options where speed and torque can be adjusted by the user


Only Endodo Engine Works, Apex Finder Work


Endo Motor and Apex Finder work together. Press the Start key.


Endo Motor and Apex Finder automatically work together.


Only Apex Finder works. Endo Engine Does Not Work.

The apical distance can be adjusted by the user. (From 0 to 0.4) -1 indicates that it is beyond the apical.

Auto Reverse - Auto Stop - Auto Start When the specified torque limit is exceeded, the file rotates in the opposite direction and exits the duct, automatically stops running and automatically resumes operation at normal speed.

Auto Reverse - Auto Stop When the specified torque has passed the limit value, the file rotates in the opposite direction to exit the duct and stop the operation automatically.

Auto Reverse Not Active. Already, no symbol will appear on the screen.

Clockwise reversibility feature

Resiproc rotation feature

The calibration function provides more accurate, reliable rotation speed, torque value and apex values.

Ability to operate in end-use mode when the device is first turned on

Anguldurva works autoclavable at 135 ˚C and compatible with Thermo Disinfection.

Thanks to its long time capacity and high rechargeable battery, it can work continuously for at least 1 hour.

Approximate charging time: 1.5 hours

Automatic shutdown due to saving mode when not used for 5 minutes

Compatible with all Ni-Ti files

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  • Stainless and Smooth Body
    1: 1 Speed Transfer
    External - Internal Water System (Optional)
    Borden and Midwest connection options
    Rotation Speed: 40,000 rpm
    Compatible with thermo disinfectant
    135 ˚C Autoclavable
    Determination of rotation direction with ring
    Weight 85Gr
  • Stainless Smooth Body
    1: 1 Speed Transfer
    External - Internal Water System (Optional)
    Head Diameter: ø10 mm
    Rotation Speed: 40,000 rpm
    Compatible with thermo disinfectant
    135 ˚C Autoclavable
    Push Button Cutting System
    Easy head change in case of failure
  • Stainless Body
    1: 1 Speed Transfer
    External - Internal Water System (Optional)
    Franged Bend Replacement System
    Rotation Speed: 40,000 rpm
    Compatible with thermo disinfectant
    Clean Head (Hygienic Head) System
    135 ˚C Autoclavable